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Recovery Toolbox for Access - a data recovery tool for Microsoft Access

Helps repair damaged Microsoft Access data files (*.mdb, *,accdb)

The Recovery Toolbox for Access (download) software is used for recovering data of Microsoft Access 2003 and later. The software is capable of working with source files having *.mdb and *.accdb extensions.

Recovery Toolbox for Access can extract the following data from damaged files:

  • the original structure of the previously used tables (indexes and fields)
  • table data inside databases
  • any queries except the ones used in reports and forms
  • any correct relations except the ones used for displaying data (relations between columns of the same table)

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Microsoft Access recovery

Processing of damaged files consists of four simple steps:

  1. Selection of a damaged file in the *.mdb or *.accdb format
  2. Preview of the structure of the recovered data and the contents of table columns
  3. Selection of the output file the recovered data will be saved to
  4. Saving the data and generation of the final report

Recovery Toolbox for Access requires a bare minimum of user's input - most actions are performed automatically. All you need to do is specify the source Microsoft Access document that was damaged and the output file that will contain the recovered data. As for the data-base recovery process, it is carried out in a fully automatic mode. Please note that the software does not change the structure of the source file and all the work is done in a copy of the damaged file.

MDB repair tool

Damaged files are processed in the following order:

  • Analysis of the source file and data extraction: the data and the structure of the sys-tem and user's tables are processed. The software extracts information about queries and relations and analyzes the data that can be recovered. When saving the recovered data, Recovery Toolbox for Access will accurately restore the structure of the original document and the data it managed to recover.
  • Data analysis: while saving the database according to the data retrieved from the source file, the software restores the structure of user's tables (indexes, field types and names), relations between tables and the structure of queries (any information used in queries: conditions, table fields and tables themselves, relations between them). Apart from that, data integrity is checked and corresponding error messages are added to the journal.
  • Saving data: the software prepares a new database file with a name specified by the user. All relations, queries and tables are created on the basis of the data retrieved on the previous analysis stage. Irrecoverable data is not copied to the new file. Table data from the source file is copied to the output file.

This version of Recovery Toolbox for Access (MDB repair tool) cannot restore encrypted files, as the structure of such files is not available for analysis and the software cannot read the data. At the same time, password-protected unencrypted data can be recovered, but passwords may be lost. Besides, the software does not recover reports, pages, modules, macros, links and fields referring to other databases, Access-specific features for displaying elements in the editor field and restric-tions used for value selection.

How to repair Access database?

How to repair Access database? Today, business information plays an increasingly important role in the operation of business processes and the volume of processed data is steadily growing as well. As a rule, data is stored in databases of various formats.

However, database files are vulnerable. Your databases can be threatened by such factors as incorrect users' actions, unfinished transactions, viruses, network and hard-drive failures, software errors and a multitude of other factors. As a rule, this leads to database corruptions, as well as full or partial loss of crucial data. These accidents cause serious financial problems, as manual recovery may be extremely time- and money-consuming. Such data as accounting and statistics, as well as clients' databases, can be recovered in the manual mode, but this process, as a rule, is very time-consuming and risks of associated data losses are high.

There are many database management systems on the market, but Microsoft Office Access, being a part ofMicrosoft Office, has the largest share. Considering that Microsoft Access database files may include report templates, forms, data, queries and data processing programs, many applications include files of this package only.

Access data recovery

It's also important that you don't need Access to work with Microsoft Office Access database files, as files of this format can be used by third-party applications for storing data.

Try Recovery Toolbox for Access (download mdb recovery utility), which will allow you to quickly and easily recover all or most of your data from corrupted Microsoft Access files. This software (AccessRecovery, data access mdb repair) is easy to use, so you don't need any special database-related skills. Thanks to its friendly and highly-intuitive interface of Recovery for Access tool, even novices will be able to efficiently use it to recover data from damaged databases. Just try the Access data recovery utility.

Access repair tool

The Access repair tool (MS Access recovery software) is an intuitive, efficient and affordable tool for extracting data from damaged Microsoft Access files.

If you have any difficulties using the program or you haven't been able to recover your data with the MDB file repair software, please send the database file to the program's authors for further analysis (learn more about Access file repair).

Access Fix tool

Recovery Toolbox for Access support Microsoft Access 2003 and later. The Access Fix tool helps to repair damaged .accdb files.

Main features of the Access file recovery software:

Recovery Toolbox for Access (Access database recovery software) helps to answer on many questions:

  • How to Repair mdb file Access Microfoft already use?
  • How to recovery Access database 2007?
  • How to recover Access database?
  • How to repair Access 2003 database?
  • How to recovery mdb file?
  • How to repair mdb files?

Our software do not recover:

  • forms;
  • macros;
  • modules;
  • password protected files.
Recovery Toolbox for Access
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